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Installing a Mill
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Installing a Mill
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Kit - Part 1 of 4
Installing a Lathe
Kit - Part 2 of 4
Installing a Lathe
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Installing a Lathe
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Our Kit and Part Prices always beat Newall Acurite Sargon & Fagor!

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EASSON ES10-3E5 3 axis EDM kit: $79900 Complete!


Our Kit and Part Prices always beat Newall Acurite Sargon & Fagor!



 3 Axis EDM Machine - EASSON ES10-3E5

    (Click the picture for an even larger image)





We currently offer the EDM Machine package in a 3 axis kit. It includes everything you need - a display head, mounting arm, power cord, detailed installation manual, a super detailed 70 page operators manual, standard length scales of your choice, shields, mounting hardware, brackets, etc. Kit prices includes scale sizes up to 800mm at no extra charge. Unfortunately, beyond 800mm, the price of the scales increases dramatically, therefore for any scales ordered above 800mm there is a small surcharge. In either case, call or email us with your scale requirements and we'll send you the correct size scales.


Our Kit and Part Prices always beat Newall Acurite Sargon & Fagor!



Our Kit and Part Prices always beat Newall Acurite Sargon & Fagor!

Here is a picture of what the 3 axis EDM Machine kit includes:



Click the picture above for an even larger image) 


The 3 axis EDM kit also includes a clear vinyl protectant cover for the display (not pictured). NOTE: Items are shown out of their protective bubble wrap and factory boxes to better illustrate what is included in the kit. All of our kits ship in their original factory packaging and boxes.


Basic and Special Functions

Clear Zero - Sets the current position to zero. Allows the operator to specify any desired point as the "0" reference point.

Inch/Metric Display Conversion - Allows the operator to choose between inch and metric display. Resolution is .0002" or .005mm.

Enter Dimensions - Allows operator to manually input desired dimension / coordinate.

Center Find Function Our Kit and Part Prices always beat Newall Acurite Sargon & Fagor! Automatically calculates the center of the workpiece after the edges are located.

ABS/INC Coordinate Display Switch - Allows the operator to switch between absolute and incremental display. 'Absolute' display references the work piece zero coordinate you designate. You may choose the absolute center point of your workpiece or perhaps a corner of your workpiece, the decision is yours. Incremental display references any arbitrary coordinate/position without losing your designated zero point. For example, to locate a point exactly in the middle of your workpiece you would most likely use 'absolute' display to locate the point. To locate points exactly .78 distant from an arbitrary point somewhere in the middle of your workpiece, you would then switch to 'incremental' display, designate the present position as a zero point, and then simply move your workpiece until .78 was displayed. 

Built In Calculator - The display includes a built in calculator function which provides normal mathematical functions such as: add, subtract, multiply, division, sin, cosine, tangent, square root, etc.

199 SubDatum Function - In many batch machining operations, the operator has to switch between 'absolute' and 'incremental' displays many times, which is not convenient and can potentially lead to mistakes. The 199 SubDatum function allows the operator to designate up to 199 separate data points, which greatly simplifies machining of repetitive parts.

Ref Datum Memory (Power off memory) Our Kit and Part Prices always beat Newall Acurite Sargon & Fagor! This function allows the operator to store the work piece zero position in memory. If the machine is turned off at night or there is a power failure, the zero reference point can be recovered without having to reestablish the work piece zero point.   

LHole Linear Hole Tool Positioning Our Kit and Part Prices always beat Newall Acurite Sargon & Fagor! Provides a linear hole positioning function for drilling holes a fixed distance apart, at any angle.

INCL Inclined Machining - Allows the operator to accurately position the workpiece at an angle on the work table. Also allows an incline function for machining parts positioned on an inclined surface.

Bolt Hole (aka PCD or Pitch Circle Diameter) Our Kit and Part Prices always beat Newall Acurite Sargon & Fagor! Using the PCD function, the operator can drill holes in a circle from a designated center point.

Tool Positioning for ARC Machining - Enables the operator to machine round corners or arc surfaces, as often encountered in mold making.

Parameters Setup - Enables you to swap or 'reverse' the direction a scale reads, also allows the operator to perform a memory check.

Linear Error Compensation - Common to all of Easson's displays, provides improved display accuracy.

Z relay output - Specific to EDM's only, our EDM kit includes a relay interface adapter for controlling depth.


Glass Scale Kits

At DRO PROS, we only sell true five bearing scales with our glass scale kits, and with over 70 different size scales to choose from, we fit your machine right! For .0002" resolution scales up to 39.3" in capacity (models 100mm - 1000mm), the scales are included in the price of the kit and there is no surcharge. Simply tell us what size scale you'd like and we'll send the correct length scale. For scales greater than 39" capacity (our oversize scales), there is a small surcharge based on length when purchased with a kit.


l How to Choose Scales Our Kit and Part Prices always beat Newall Acurite Sargon & Fagor!


Please refer to the chart below for more details:


Choose from the following scales:
Scale Travel
Scale Length
5 micron
0.0002" / .005mm
1 micron
0.00005" / .001mm
5 micron
0.0002" / .005mm
1 micron
0.00005" / .001mm
Model Cost w/kit Cost Alone Model Cost w/kit Cost Alone Model Cost w/kit Cost Alone Model Cost w/kit Cost Alone
100mm 100 / 3.9" 125 / 4.9" 9.9" GS10-100 Free $133 GS11-100 + $50 $183 GS30-100 Free $133 GS31-100 + $50 $183
150mm 150 / 5.9" 175 / 6.9" 11.9" GS10-150 Free $133 GS11-150 + $50 $183 GS30-150 Free $133 GS31-150 + $50 $183
200mm 200 / 7.8" 225 / 8.8" 13.8" GS10-200 Free $138 GS11-200 + $50 $188 GS30-200 Free $138 GS31-200 + $50 $188
250mm 250 / 9.8" 275 / 10.8" 15.8" GS10-250 Free $143 GS11-250 + $50 $193 GS30-250 Free $143 GS31-250 + $50 $193
300mm 300 / 11.8" 325 / 12.8" 17.8" GS10-300 Free $147 GS11-300 + $50 $197 GS30-300 Free $147 GS31-300 + $50 $197
350mm 350 / 13.7" 375 / 14.7" 19.7" GS10-350 Free $150 GS11-350 + $50 $200 GS30-350 Free $150 GS31-350 + $50 $200
400mm 400 / 15.7" 425 / 16.7" 21.7" GS10-400 Free $156 GS11-400 + $50 $206 GS30-400 Free $156 GS31-400 + $50 $206
450mm 450 / 17.7" 475 / 18.7" 23.7" GS10-450 Free $160 GS11-450 + $50 $210 GS30-450 Free $160 GS31-450 + $50 $210
500mm 500 / 19.6" 525 / 20.6" 25.6" GS10-500 Free $166 GS11-500 + $50 $216 GS30-500 Free $166 GS31-500 + $50 $216
550mm 550 / 21.6" 575 / 22.6" 27.6" GS10-550 Free $169 GS11-550 + $50 $219            
600mm 600 / 23.6" 625 / 24.6" 29.6" GS10-600 Free $179 GS11-600 + $50 $229            
650mm 650 / 25.5" 675 / 26.5" 31.5" GS10-650 Free $182 GS11-650 + $50 $232            
700mm 700 / 27.5" 725 / 28.5" 33.5" GS10-700 Free $187 GS11-700 + $50 $237            
750mm 750 / 29.5" 775 / 30.5" 35.5" GS10-750 Free $191 GS11-750 + $50 $241            
800mm 800 / 31.0" 825 / 32.0" 37.0" GS10-800 Free $197 GS11-800 + $50 $247            
850mm 850 / 33.4" 875 / 34.4" 39.4" GS10-850 Free $206 GS11-850 + $50 $256            
900mm 900 / 35.4" 925 / 36.4" 41.4" GS10-900 Free $226 GS11-900 + $50 $276            
950mm 950 / 37.4" 975 / 38.4" 43.4" GS10-950 Free $229 GS11-950 + $50 $279            
1000mm 1000 / 39.3" 1025 / 40.3" 45.3" GS10-1000 Free $292 GS11-1000 + $50 $342            
1100mm 1100 / 43.3" 1125 / 44.3" 49.3" GS10-1100 + $50 $340                  
1200mm 1200 / 47.2" 1225 / 48.2" 53.2" GS10-1200 + $50 $404                  


Click HERE to download a DRO PROS Scale Chart




Why does DRO PROS post their digital readout part prices online when other companies don't?

That's because if you were to find out what other companies are going to charge you for parts

when you need them, you might not buy their digital readout kit in the first place!

At DRO PROS, we're proud to show off our low part prices. 




Why should you buy from DRO PROS?

We speak English - We answer our phones - Same day shipping

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Our goal is to make customers for life. We feel that, in the long run, treating customers right will yield much more than simply "going for the sale". In accordance with that, we have attempted to pass on some ideas to help you, the customer, in completing your purchase decision:


Price. Probably the most talked about factor when buying a digital readout. Price can also be the most misleading, and perhaps worst way, to judge a digital readout kit. We've all heard the old adage, "You get what you pay for." Before the internet, it was true, price did generally correlate directly to value. But that was yesterdays economy. All resellers obtained their goods the same way, and therefore incurred the same costs. In today's economy, the market has changed drastically. At DRO PROS, we import and sell directly to you. Unlike our competitors, we do not have Western and Eastern sales divisions and multi layers of management to support. One location, one cost, and the savings get passed on to you!


Intuitiveness or "Ease of Use". Probably the most important, and hardest to determine factor when buying a readout. Think in terms of after the sale. Even if you get an absolute 'rock star' bottom line price that would make William Shatner proud, if the digital readout is not user friendly, you still didn't get a 'deal'. The whole point of getting a digital readout is to make your work easier and more enjoyable. If the digital readout is poorly designed, too complicated, if the display isn't bright enough, or in other words is 'user unfriendly', you'll regret your purchase decision every time you turn it on. It simply won't matter what you paid, it's not worth it!


Support. Most likely the second most important, and perhaps most overlooked factor when buying a digital readout. Imagine trying to reach a technician when you've bought a digital readout from an overseas reseller! Yet every day, people "save" $50 and buy products on eBay without stopping to think what will happen when they need service or tech support. Some digital readout resellers don't even publish a phone number! While our competitors continue to pare down or even totally eliminate their customer support, we continue to expand our Customer Service. Our Video Tutorials are the best in the industry, and are available free for you, our customers. Our tech help is the best in the business - our techs all know our readouts inside and out. Nobody knows digital readouts like DRO PROS!


Warranty. DRO PROS is proud to offer the industries safest, longest, 6 year warranty on all of our Electronica magnetic scale kits. All of our DRO PROS brand glass scale kits come with a full 3 year warranty, and our EASSON kits come standard with a 1 year warranty. DRO PROS brand warranty claims are handled directly by DRO PROS. No run-arounds, no hassle! Something not working as expected? Call us, don't get redirected overseas like the other guys!


Parts. Can you believe some resellers don't carry parts? That's right, buy from the "other guys", break a scale, and you get to replace the entire digital readout kit! Don't assume you can just go buy a different brand scale, either, because most manufacturers use different connectors on their scales. If that wasn't enough, even among those with a common connector, such as a DB9, most are hard wired differently. Finally, don't overlook the cost of parts. At DRO PROS, an 800mm replacement scale will cost you $197. A similar scale sold extensively by a European company will cost nearly $700! Finally, we have a massive inventory of parts, so rest easy - a replacement part is only a phone call away!


The Best Value. We literally search world-wide for the best value digital readout products on the planet. If there was a better digital readout package to be sold, we would be selling it. Yes, we've seen cheaper units on eBay, but there is a reason they're cheaper. Think poor quality, no parts, no manual, non-existent customer service, poor product fit/finish etc.


Customer Service. We pledge to never "over sell" you on a product that won't work well for you. Our philosophy is to try and save you money and get the best value kit tailored to the machinery you have. Many of our customers are surprised when we recommend against buying a more expensive brand. Again, our philosophy is to build customers for life. Give us a call and let us save you money!


Shipping. Most orders ship the same day, the next at the latest. We do not 'drop' ship, we have our own massive warehouse of inventory right here on site. We use UPS, you'll get a tracking number emailed to you immediately, and we cover all shipping insurance automatically.


The Company. DRO PROS is a veteran owned, American company. We enjoy selling quality products at competitive prices. We believe that  providing the best customer service is the key to success. No other company spends more time on the phone with customers than we do. Even in a down economy, our company continues to thrive and grow. We look forward to earning your business! 


The Bottom Line. Our line of digital readout's are simply the most user friendly readouts on the planet. Because of our direct marketing structure, they're also extremely affordable. Coupled with our extensive customer service and affordable parts, our Digital Readout products are simply the best value on the planet.




Domestic Shipping to the United States: All digital readout shipping is done via UPS for a flat rate of $43. You'll get a tracking number emailed direct to you from UPS, enabling you to track your shipment door to door! We cover insurance against any potential shipping damages, so no hidden fees here!


International Shipping to Canada: All of our DRO shipping is done via UPS. We charge a flat fee of $80.


International Shipping elsewhere: All of our DRO shipping is done via the United States Postal Service via a flat rate of $140.


Industry Leading Unlimited Lifetime Warranty

Electronica magnetic kits = Unlimited Lifetime Warranty

DRO PROS glass kits = 3 year warranty

EASSON glass kits = 1 year warranty


DRO PROS brand warranty claims are handled directly by DRO PROS.

No run-arounds, no hassle!

3 Year Digital Readout Warranty on all DRO PROS brand glass scale kits!


At DRO PROS, we take care of our customers. Have an issue or need some help? Let us take care of it with a toll-free call to California!


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